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--- ADF's Enemy of the Enemy - Sing ---

Past - part of a process! Process of you! Terrorism is something what is in book of secret agents! ... only one thing what you are afraiding of!
World is evil! And only evil things functioned on you - on democracy!
Democracy is tool of a King to mass does not kill Him! War is good - drugs more legal is using less, people knows about themself - in cubic - man's judge is afraiding!
Who knowns self-defence - he live more! FUCK YOU, MAN'S JUDGE!!!

Mekka under leadership of Women is agains U.S.A. under leadership of Europa. Vatican under leadership of Templar's Knights is trying between to gover to stupids. New generation - NEW AGE - is trying understand. When you find that every doings of your parents is between afraiding of and a money, you find that you are BETTER!!!


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